The Creeps

Crystal Harrison was able to ask Skottie of the Creeps a few questions while he was riding around Europe on a train. check it out. 

Crystal Harrison:So your latest album is a split vinyl with No Marks. What’s your relationship with No Marks and how do you think your sounds compliment (or contrast) each other?

Skottie:That split is actually the product of Dave from All In Vinyl Records asking us to be a part of an ongoing split 7" series that they do, where a U.K. band is teamed with a non-U.K. band. We were really pleased to be paired with the No Marks, who are a great melodic punk band, and are happy with how the whole thing came out. 

 Eulogies came out 2 years ago and the last full length album was 7 years before that. Given all of the other projects you guys are involved in, is it just simpler to put out EPs at this point? Are you anticipating the release of another full length album in the future?

I think we thought so for a while after 'Lakeside' came out.  I'd kinda run out of things I wanted to spend a whole LP's worth of songs writing about and, like you say, we all have various creative outlets that compete for our time and energy. 'Eulogies' came together so easily and so naturally though that we have definitely recommitted to the full length at this point. We have a dozen or so songs written and have already started pre-production on what will be our next LP, due out who knows when, knowing us. 

Lakeside Cabin to Eulogies saw a shift in lyrics about a murderous psychopath towards someone battling internally with depression and suicide. Even though there’s only two songs, can you describe a lyrical shift on your latest release? Do you have any inklings of where the theme of the next full album would go?

The opportunity to do the split 7" was totally unexpected, and we didn't have any songs 'in the can', so we actually ended up recording one song ('Full Shook') that will eventually be on the next record and re-recording a pretty old song of ours that has never strayed too far from our set list. So, in terms of lyrics, I guess maybe 'Full Shook' is a decent indication of where we're headed. I'm exploring similar themes as I did on 'Eulogies', with maybe even a little more emphasis on the personal. 

What's the hardest thing about being in a band with the same people for 17 years?

If anything about it was very hard, I'm certain we wouldn't still be doing it. 


What’s your favourite thing about playing shows in Montreal?

The people, the venues, the beer, a bunch of the local bands and the city itself, to name a few! Montreal was probably our first out of town show and is definitely the city we've played most outside of Ottawa over the years and, while I don't think we've ever had an unenjoyable time, I'm positive that a few of our favourite and most memorable shows have been there.


What song would you have play whenever you entered a room?

The Imperial March.


If you could eliminate one band from ever existing, who would it be?

I don't know that I care enough to want to remove them from the annals of history altogether, but I fucking hate AC/DC.