Mountain Dust "Nine Years"

Mountain Dust will release their first full length "nine years" July 15th at Turbo Haüs. For fans of The Sword and Graveyard, the first single "Running Fool" is heavy without being too overbearing, giving you time to catch your breath before delivering huge yet undeniably catchy riffs. The keys and vocals add an eerie touch that in the wrong hands can leave you with a Quebecois circus vibe that Mountain Dust easily avoid. Instead, they add a little suspense and excitement while you're waiting for the guitars to coming crashing back in. killer. We had a quick second to interview Brendan Mainville about the record and his hollow bird bones.

Turbo Haüs-Rumor is that you have hollow bird bones, yet, you can't fly. whats the deal? 
Brendan Mainville-It's my superpower, I use it to get out of helping friends move.

T.H-This is your first full length but you've been around awhile. Are all the songs newer or will we hear how the band has changed over the time you've been together?
B.M-Admittedly, if you've seen us live in the passed year or 2, you've probably heard all of these songs. With the exception of one. It just took us such a long time to get it all together and put it out.
Also, if you've ever listened to the demos from 2013 when Kevin was in the band, you'll definitely notice the difference. Pat joining and adding new dynamics really pushed us in a different direction and it came together very naturally.

T.H-You all played in a bunch of different bands. Do any of those influence what you've done at all? 
B.M-For myself, not at all. Mountain Dust is far different from any of my previous bands.

T.H-It's probably a bummer when people go off and tour but are there any upsides to guys having all these different projects?
B.M-I guess it gives me more time to focus on my other projects, but that means spending more time with Mike Niro, so no, there really isn't an upside.

T.H-If you could eliminate one band from ever existing, who would it be.
B.M-Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Sublime. It's a really tough call.