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Turbo Talks No. 4 - How to Publish Books in the 31st Century (ie. Right Now)

  • Turbo Haüs 5011 Rue Notre Dame Ouest Montréal, QC, H4C 1T2 Canada (map)


If Johannes Gutenberg was alive today he’d be too busy checking Grindr on his iPhone 6S to invent the printing press. If even the father of print would be hypnotized like so, how are modern publishers dealing with this modern age of the internet? It’d be easier to guess at after listening to these three 30-minute talks delivered at Turbo Haus by exceptional Montrealers. This is Turbo Talk No. 4. Free for NBCA members, $5 for non-members. Doors at 6:30 PM, talks at 7-9 PM, and it’s at 5011 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest. 

PEGGY BURNS (Drawn & Quarterly, drawnandquarterly.com) is the publisher at Drawn & Quarterly, an organization the Globe & Mail called “the best comics publisher in the world” twelve months ago. She could talk about anything, in any fashion, and we’d be pretty happy to listen. 

HARLEY SMART (Anteism, anteism.com) has pressed, folded, and interrogated the definition of “book” via things like Aamna Muzaffar’s Lived Image and the Scorpion Dagger 136-page augmented reality .gif book titled Do You Like Relaxing?

ASHLEY OPHEIM and JAY RITCHIE are two thirds of METATRON (Metatron, onmetatron.org), which describes itself as a “Montreal-based publisher of contemporary literature” but they forget to mention how they saddle stitch and perfect bind worlds of candid emotional intimacy via poems and novellas. In their roster: Sofia Banzhaf, Oscar d’Artois, Fawn Parker, Roland Pemberton, Marie Darsigny, etc.